• Introduction to Investments
    “Introduces the foundations of investment decision-making” by Prof. William Goetzmann An online textbook which covers all of the key elements of Modern Portfolio Theory. It’s solid but not overly technical as an introduction to the subject. An important topic that shows up often in discussions among investment professionals.
  • Investing For Your Future
    Courtesy of Rutgers University, here is a home study course designed for those with no prior knowledge of investing, and especially for those with smaller sums to invest. Not bad as a refresher course either.
  • Dimensional Fund Advisors
    Specific information about an investment philosophy we use. Video, interviews and a history of the academic research that led to DFA's approach. Specialized, slow going at times and highly recommended.
  •'s ''Safe & Soundsm'' ratings
    A proprietary, analytical product that assesses the financial condition of banks, thrifts and credit unions. Before you put money in a CD with an “unbelievably” good interest rate, check on financial strength.
  • Bill Sharpe's Home Page
    One of the fathers of Modern Portfolio Theory, Dr. William Sharpe of Stanford offers an online investment text, library of articles, data, and calculators.
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